DEMS 360

Simply manage all your digital evidence. Anywhere.
DEMS 360 is our most advanced digital evidence management solution that allows you to manage all digital evidence files. Available on cloud or on premises.
Secure every file

DEMS 360 has been built to be the central repository for all of your digital evidence. Video, audio, documentation – keep them all together in the same place.

  • All your evidence –Keeping everything together in one place just makes sense.
  • Case support – You can create case support folders to group related files together; whether that’s body camera footage, dash camera footage, an audio file or a PDF.
  • Automated redaction – Powerful, automated redaction tools are built in to protect sensitive footage and evidential integrity, saving you time and money.
  • Securely share – Securely share individual files or cases to anybody who needs to view them, and control how long they have access.
Fully hosted in the cloud

Storing data in the cloud means all your digital evidence is accessible wherever you need it to be; at the station, in the field and in court. DEMS 360 automatically scales as you need it.

No fuss – no limits

With DEMS 360 you only pay for what you need, the pricing is transparent and honest and there are no hidden costs. And because it’s stored on Tier 3 or 4 servers, you can be sure that your evidence is hosted on world class infrastructure.

Manage from anywhere

You can securely access your evidence on DEMS 360 wherever you are straight from your web browser. View, upload and manage your digital evidence anywhere.

CJIS ready security and privacy

From the camera to the court room, DEMS 360 keeps all your evidence totally secure through industry leading encryption, access restrictions and storage infrastructure.

Dock and go

Simply dock your camera and DEMS 360 will do the rest. The forward facing screen displays the booked out and uploading status of the camera so you can always see when its good to go.


Play, pause, rewind, fast-forward and scroll through videos frame by frame, open documents and listen to audio files.


Redact, add notes, incident ID, mark as important, grab snapshots and create smaller clips from original footage.


Share files directly with external organisations, burn files to a DVD or data disc or export them to a computer.