Reveal Body worn camera solutions by Salzgeber IT-Revolutions

Reveal body cams record what happens on the front line. They provide support, reassurance and confidence for the people who work there. The cameras combined with back-end evidence management produce extraordinary results.
Reveal bodycams supplied by Salzgeber

It is a known fact, that we live in increasingly challenging times. As many statistics show, the numbers of violent crimes move up steadily. Therefore measures must be taken, to support professionals, who have to deal with potentionally difficult situations on a daily basis. It has been proven, that Reveal bodycams supplied by Salzgeber help to reduce violent behavior and deescalate confrontational situations. Salzgeber offers you state-of-the-art solutions to meet all your professional demands.

Solutions for your business.

Reveal bodycams supplied by Salzgeber are ready to be used by a wide range of professionals. Police forces, border patrol officers, security staff, technical inspectors, medical units, truck drivers and many more, can be equipped with our cameras, in order to meet the security demands of our challenging times. We also provide many different camera mounting options and accessoires, in addition to the highly customizable evidence management software DEMS 4, to fulfill all your professional needs.

Fields of application:
  • Public transport
  • Event security staff
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Technical inspectors
  • Border control units
  • Deescaltion units
  • Waste watchers
  • Plant security
  • Construction site security
About Body Worn Video

Body worn video is world-changing technology.

It has a positive impact in many key areas of frontline work:

  • Provide compelling evidence; high-quality video and audio footage of an incident make it clearer what happened, when, and who was there.
  • Protect workers by deterring crime; making the camera obvious to the public has an immediate impact by demonstrating that actions are being recorded; leading to fewer assaults on frontline workers, for example
  • Fewer complaints; false allegations are immediately negated and the overall conduct between the two parties involved are improved, reducing the likelihood of a need to complain
  • Increase in early guilty pleas; perpetrators are aware of and can be presented with irrefutable evidence regarding their case which results in an increase in early guilty pleas
  • Increase time on patrol; officers are able to record interviews on video with audio, which saves the time taken to transcribe a verbal testimony

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